Air War over French Indochina

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The air war over French Indochina represents a very unique and interesting period of modern history. It was a war fought with obsolete weapons, against an enemy without a single aircraft, a situation virtually unique in modern times. At the same time it was a war that paralleled the long struggle that was to follow in many respects.

What attracted me to the study of the war in French Indochina was the extraordinary variety of aircraft that served in the conflict. From seized Japanese Oscars, Jakes and a Rufe, through French-built Ju-52's acting as bombers, Spitfires, Mosquitos, Kingcobras and Hellcats on through to Bearcats, the French war effort in the air was truly diverse. As a modeller, the unique subject matter and the variety of aircraft types and colour schemes proved irresistible.

This page is intended as a resource for both modellers and aircraft enthusiasts interested in the air war over French Indochina. This is not a forum for political discussion, nor does my choice of subject matter in any way reflect an endorsement of the politics behind the war. So if you're curious about this relatively little known war, or if you're an expert looking to share your expertise, read on.

I welcome any and all comments regarding this site. As well, I would greatly appreciate any contributions or suggestions for improvement. Please feel free to email me at will_alcott(at) I greatly appreciate the co-operation of Brian MacNamara and the IPMS Buzz Beurling web page for providing me with a site to display photographs of my work.

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