Time spent cuddling Hedgehogs is not deducted from one's lifespan!*


Hedgehog Hollow is currently in hibernation.

Dear Friends,

As a result of changes to my work and personal life, I have not had the time to update Hedgehog Hollow in over a year. Unfortunately, I am even further behind on my email, and have not had the chance to look at it in months - my sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to get ahold of me.

Most of the entries on Hedgehog Hollow have become seriously out of date, and while I have made a couple of attempts to rework my site, they still very far away from being usable.

Rather than continuing to display such out of date, and possibly dangerously misleading information, I have chosen to put Hedgehog Hollow into hibernation until I do have the time to do it justice.

I hope to wake things up from hibernation at some point in the future, but this will depend on having more time available than I presently have. Until then, don't forget to Hug your Hedgies!

- Brian MacNamara (chief hedgehog addict at the Hollow).


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome to the home of the USENET Hedgehog FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list.

I like to believe that it provides a good starting place for most people, and an ongoing resource for fellow hedgehog lovers.

I welcome updates to any information that may be out of date, or just new discoveries and experiences. ;-)

Other Endevours

Below are some of the other things that make up my life. I thought it long overdue to add links to these here to make them easier to find for those people who are so inclined.

``Buzz'' Beurling Scale Modelers

Building scale models has been a pastime of mine since I was 5 years old. I'm lucky enough to be in with a wonderfully relaxed and informal group who share this interest. Unfortunately, spare time is virtually nonexistant these days so I accomplish almost nothing anymore, but the desire is there and there's always ``later.''

Cap't Robert E. MacNamara

RCAF / CAF - MSE Sect.

My father, Robert MacNamara, who is ex-RCAF / CAF - MSE Section, is looking to try and make contact with any of his old aquaintences from his Service days.

To aid in this, we've put together a brief bio of him, in the hopes that anyone else also trying to reconnect will pick up on it.

If you did cross paths over the years and you wish to get in touch, the email address is on the web page - my father will be more than happy to hear from any old service friends out there.

Indulgences and other things Worth Checking Out

Below are some places and things that are worth a check. You can consider this sort of a Brian's Best list.

Lichee Garden Resstaurant

Betty's and my favorite restaurant. We've followed Lichee Garden through at least 4 different locations, but the food remains the one constant. The latest owners really care about both the food and preserving the atmosphere.

The flavours are not overwhelming, but the quality is beyond what you will find almost anywhere else (at least within a day's drive of the Toronto area - and yes, I've tried most of them. :-) ).

The Egg-rolls are made with egg, and are bigger than most entrees, but the real star that has kept us following them all over the city are the Mongolian Beef skewers. These are to die for!!!!

It's almost a 50km trip for us, but we do it without hesitation whenever the craving hits - definitely worth a check!

Dark City Coffee

If you like coffee, you owe it to yourself to try some ``real'' coffee. Once you try Dark City's creations, you'll realize whatever you've been drinking is a very poor cousin by comparison.

These folks roast small batches of beans (they do 1/2lb or 1lb quantities) to order, and delver them 'next day' for a price that shouldn't be possible with the quality they are selling.

The only warning I will make is that once you have some, you may never be able to go back to the plonk from the local coffee and donut shop again...

Jimi Mann and Coldshot

If I didn't know better, I would have sworn someone had dug up Stevie Ray Vaughn and brought him back to life.

Jimi and his band are phenominal musicians, and have managed to absolutely nail the sound and appearance of SRV live to an extent that I wouldn't have belived possible.

If you're looking for some fantastic electic blues, go and check out Coldshot - the only way you'll be disappointed is if you're hoping for disco.

The other reason I have for promoting Jimi is so maybe he can earn enough to get a real guitar one day. ( :-) )