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One of my hobbies is building plastic scale models. This was something I was very into in my youth, and my interest was revived a few years ago by my wife when I found myself needing a break from computers. As hobbies go, it make a nice break from the world of electronic madness
``it has nothing whatsoever to do with computers and things electronic, '' ;-)

and until I finally bought a compressor for my airbrush, it didn't even involve anything electical (unless you count the desk light in my dungeon, um, er, basement modelling area - please try to
resist the temptation to point out that I'm usually in the dark, anyway).

Modelling Sabatical Announcement   :-(
Due to time constraints, and the need to spend far more time at work, and other committments, it has become necessary for me to put my modelling aside for the forseeable future. 
This was not an easy or happy choice, as it did provide my one real escape from work, and  portunity for relaxation, however,  as just about anyone in the computer industry can tell you, time for hobbies and R&R is a luxury to be enjoyed after you retire.   
I will continue to try and maintain the IPMS ``Buzz'' Beurling page, and I plan to continue  as a member of the club, but I will not be pursuing any actual modelling for the forseeable future.  
If I'm fortunate, I hope to be able to return to it in a couple of years or so.
--Brian MacNamara

Modelling Dreams:

......... Slaving under the glare of the lamp......
......... 'Mind' constantly numbed by the incessent beat of loud ROCK....
......... Flesh constantly assaulted by sharp X-acto knives & other pointy objects...
......... taken to the physical limits (eye strain!)...........
......... as well as beyond the mental confines....(glue & paint fumes).....

......... all to create (subjectively) visually pleasing blobs of
. . . . . plastic............

-- The Unknown Modeller (whose initials might just be S. H.)
(there's a chance he was suffering from plastic withdrawl at the time this was written -- at least I'm hoping that was the reason...)

Club Affiliations:

I'm currently a member of both the IPMS Canada (# C4728), and IPMS/USA ( #32853) organizations, but to me, more importantly, after going it basically alone for many years, I finally discovered the joys of getting together with a bunch of like minded, plastic craving folks, and joined a modelling club - definitely one of the best things I've done. I consider myself lucky to have linked up with a small, but particularly friendly and relaxed group, whose main objective is to just have a good time - after all, isn't that what a hobby is really about? Here's the club web page (for which I'm cheif babysitter, and stenographer):

IPMS ``Buzz'' Beurling chapter

Most of the interesting modelling stuff I'm involved with, will be hiding in there, these days, rather than up here. Including model photos, tips & ideas, events, and coming soon, walkaround ohoto sets!

 In one sense, there is another `club' I belong to. I've gotten to know some of the best folks in the world of modelling via the Net - the world's biggest modelling club. I'm indebted to many of you for endless great ideas, help, and just plain great fun.

Useful Modelling Pages

Here are some of my favorite modelling links (check the IPMS ``Buzz'' pages for many more!):

Modelling Sources

If you're from out of town (around Toronto, we can get almost everything locally), here are some useful links (remember: Support Your Local Hobby Shop!!!!:

My Modelling Interests (almost exclusively flying things)

On the Workbench

Here's what's underway at the moment (it usually takes me a long time to complete any models - I don't get a lot of free time (sigh) and these days, the ole AMS is pretty bad (just trying to do a kit OOTB hurts!).


Every modeller has a wishlist of the kits he or she would love to see be made. I have to admit to some very guilty feelings as most of the items from my wishlist have either appeared over the last year or so, or are in the works (and belive me, I CAN wait - I have other kits to work on).

So, if you're wondering who it is that the model companies have been catering to while ignoring your life long desire for a kit, I'm that person!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!

I'm not sure how I wound up being this lucky, but from my perspective, these are definitely the halcyon years of modelling!

Still, I do have a number of items that I'm hoping for, some of which are available, but not in a form I can justify, and others that I `know' will never be kitted until the day one can simply feed plans into a computer, push a button, and have a kit pop out the other end... so here's my wanted list (and given the nature of how things have been going, this is a VERY moving target!):

Canadian (either 1/72 or 1/48):

WWII German (1/48 only):

WWII/Post-war British (1/48 only):

French (1/48 only):

WWII U.S.A. (1/48 only):

WWII Japanese (1/48 only):


I'm open to suggestions for other kits that can be done as Nightfighters (in 1/48 scale) , or on kits for items I've listed, or which might be of interest. There are others to go on this list, I just have to remember them now. Given my track record, this might even be a good place to watch for what the kit makers either have in the works, or are soon going to be working on! ;-}

HAPPY MODELLING, and remember, what counts is having a good time!

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