The Royal Canadian Air Force Memorial Museum at CFB Trenton has a display dedicated to MSE Personnel.

This page shows views of the museum (taken in May 2006), and especially of those items related to MSE and MSE personnel.

Throughout the static park at the museum are numerous Cairns and plaques from the various air groups and other segments that made up the RCAF, including the MSE section.

Keep in mind that the museum is primarily focused on the RCAF as opposed to CAF, this helps explain why many of the dedications are for pre-1969.

Click on each of the pictures to see the full size view. Please note that the pictures are quite large.

Pictures showing a sweeping view of the static park from North (with the Museum building) to South (where there is room to expand into the open area past the current displays.

View of the MSE Cairn and area from across the static park.

Some of the Ad Astra stones around the base of the MSE Cairn. These stones are available through the museum to anyone who served in the RCAF, CAF, or Reserve.

More of the Ad Astra stones around the base of the MSE Cairn. The stones line most of the walkways that run through the static park at the museum.

Plaque on the bench near the MSE Cairn. Most of the benches throughout the static park have been donated and/or dedicated by various people, and have plaques on them.

Front view of the MSE Cairn. The pictures don't quite capture how well done this is. The colour shading within the material, and the detail is very well done.

Another front view of the MSE Cairn

Close up of the top of the MSE Cairn. This gives `some' idea of the how well done the Cairn is.

Closeup View of the bottom / inscription on the MSE Cairn.

Rear view of the MSE Cairn, looking back across the static park.

View of the plaque on the rear of the Cairn.

Closeup view of the plaque on the rear of the Cairn

Another closeup view of the plaque on the rear of the Cairn

The MSE Last Dispatch book within the Museum. Much of the museum is focused on personnel, as opposed to technology, though much is still focused on the flying part of the RCAF/CAF.

Plaques at the top of The MSE Last Dispatch book.